Rise of the Rune Lords

Session 2
Balls, Closets and Glass

Our Heroes found themselves called upon to act as the Deputies of Sandpoint while Belor Hemlock recruited troops to extinguish the Goblin Menace. Their duties took them to The Glassworks where they found Lonjiku Kaijitsu gruesomely murdered by his son, Tsuro, and his Goblin minions.festival_and_fire.jpg

Additional Adventures:

  • Bartering
  • Dead Horses and Bags of Holding
  • Closet Goblins and Late Night Nookie
  • Meeting Gary


Session 1
Swallow Tail Festival

Our Heroes arrived in Sandpoint for the Swallowtail Festival. During the initial festivities they took part in various festival games and in general had a good time. Unfortunately the festivities were cut short by an attack by a Goblin horde. Our heroes defended the town valiantly but later found that the Goblin attack was merely a diversion to allow someone to break into the Boneyard and abscond with the body of the previous Priest, Father Ezakien Tobyn.goblin-commando.jpg

Side Adventures Included:

  • Ricardo’s adventure with the Shopkeep’s Daughter.
  • Boar Hunting with Aldern Foxglove
  • Dominating the Fun and Gamesshayliss_vinder_21.jpg

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